Thursday, November 8, 2012

Crew Fall 2012

Dublin Crew @ The Head of Charles Boston Oct 2012

View from the Boston Harbor taken by Shawn Scully
Jordan with Summer 2012 London Olympic Medalist in Crew.
More Boston Pix

My how the boys changed from the end of the season last year!  Not only do they look different physically and these photos make that reality very clear.  They also performed differently with vast improvements all around.  Jordan was known as the "erg beast" this season and had one of the fastest times.  It is a joy to see J enjoy the camaraderie of his crew and all the great things this entails; humor, friendship, and lots of laughter.  What more could a mom ask for?  I am very thankful! Go crew ...........

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Try It!

  • This is the message I try to give my children! I hear my refrain, "just try it you might love it!" Just try it ... this might be your divine talent in life." Just try those green beans. They could be your fave food!"
  • All I ask of them is to put their little toe in the water." They don't have to dive in headfirst ... just a try to see how it feels .....I believe this is my purpose as a parent.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Photo Card

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Creativity @ Work

Since the boss has been away (down under in Australia for a month) the cat has had fun making changes/improvements within the branch. This fat cat has taken the opportunity to incorporate customer feedback/suggestions and move some stuff around. I was able to get the paperback romances off loaded from four horrible plexiglas towers onto a range of shelving of exisisting genre shelves. This adjustment allowed for two round tables to move into that area w/ a matching oak bookcase flanked by two reading chairs. I then had three long study tables moved into the space formerly occupied by the two circle tables ... Thereby creating an L shaped study zone. Then I moved All the copy reading chairs, magazine and newspaper stands along with a few side tables to the front garden windows creating a "grumpy ole man" reading area. T he idea was to zone/ designate the areas based on usage. Therefore the laptop/business people can sit together without disturbing the "quite" grumpy ole readers needing to read those darn newspapers. Before these changes it was a mumbled jumbled arrangement and no w,older people just sat anywhere resulting in conflicts ... Now based on the seating the areas are zoned by usage! Very cool on my part! It looks and flows so much better. Customers went straight to the areas and many have expressed pleasure with changes. Ha, no design or archetical degree needed to make such improvements. The best part was how I got ALL the staff bought into the idea ... They were all engaged excited, consulted, empowered and everyone of them had a renewed spark in their eyes. Each one of them brought improvements and suggestions that just made my original ideas even better. It was truly a wonderful thing to execute and many times I had to retrain them for their enthusiasm to take action was so intense. We proved together we can do anything. I will post some pictures next ... So we have a visual. So over the past three weeks I have expended a lot of creative energy within the realm of my work environment. Living my new year resolution to the max!

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Big Bad Boss

Boss Mustang 2012
I never considered myself a "muscle car" kind of girl but once I sat in the new boss I was impressed.  Maybe it was the leather Recaro Ferrari made seats hugging my butt that sucked me in hook line an sinker!  The funny thing is I got over the car but not the color!  Since sitting in the bright burnt orange beast, I was hooked on that retro orange color.  Who knew a color could inspire so much creativity? Shortly thereafter, I found myself drawn to orange items in the store. I found a fabulous Ikea lamp, trash can and even 4 desk legs in the amazing organe.  It gives a certain pop of color and brightens anything dull.  Of course I have not gone too crazy; certainly no orange walls.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Groundhogs & Grandpas

Groundhog Day 2/2/2012
Once upon a time, I had a thing for groundhogs.  I found them cute in some chubby rodent sort of way.  Of course I never saw one growing up in FL and when I encountered them in NC they charmed me.  Now that I live in Ohio and the rodents ruined my backyard shed and drove my husband looney, I no longer have an affection for groundhogs and now view them as fat, menacing pests.  Yesterday being Groundhog day, always reminds me of my beloved grandfather, whom was born on Groundhog day.  I think of him for more often than just this one day of the year .... he is in my thoughts often.  My grandfather was such an enormous role model for me and served many roles in my life far surpassing mere ole grandpa status.  It is no surprise that I grew up and married a man very similar to my grandfather.  All the same characterstics are shared; intelligence, sarcastic whit, loyalty, affection, deep emotion, a sense of superiority and innate confidence, respect for tradition.  I regret that my grandfather did not get a chance to know my children; especially Jordan who is very similar to his great grandfather.  Great joy would be had by all if they were able to meet.  I am reminded of this special man when I talk to Jordan and marvel at the wonders of genetics.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Flying Monkeys, eghads!

The flying monkeys still freak me out to this day!

Sock Monkey Maddness!

Sock Monkey Obsession
I think it all started about 3 years ago when I had to make a reciprocal storytime time kit for SRC (summer reading club). I wanted to create a kit based on a colleagues very fun & popular, Monkey Around with Curious George kit.  It was created by Carol Snowden who was a long time librarian at the Whitehall branch.  A few months after she died due to ovarian cancer, we were required to update summer reading club kits.  I wanted to continue Carol's kit in her honor.  To my horror when I opened the blue kit out popped Sock Monkeys!!!  Since about age 2, I have had a real disgust for these homemade toys.  It is hard to explain why I disliked them so profoundly ... for some reason their appearance creeped me out and made me feel a mixture of embarrassment (for its sheer homeliness) and disgust. Something about them just repulsed me mixed with, "what the hell am I going to do with this thing?!"   I recall a color Brownie camera photo of me dragging a home made sock monkey around the Christmas tree when I was two.  I seem to have vague memories of other exposure to them throughout my childhood.  When Jordan was born  we received a thoughtful homemade baby gift,  a well made sock monkey from a dear friend's mother and I reacted with horror.  I had a strong maternal instinct not expose my newborn to such a thing!!  I recall disposing of the monkey quickly although it was NOT doomed to a trashcan; I am not sure were or how I banished him.  I felt guilty about it then and feel even worse today. The poor dear elderly woman crafted this toy so thoughtfully and I cast it out of my life instantly.  So when I encountered a blue storybin full of the little buggers, I pushed my natural instincts aside and embraced them into my office and now they have taken over my life!!!!!!  No wonder, I was leery of them all those years ago!  Those meddlesome, menacing monkeys!!!  Guess I will have to turn my little dog loose on them, ha!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Greatest Inspiration

One of my many inspirations!
  • Of course this picture of Jordan is several years old but it is hard to get pictures of my bashful 15 year old these days.  He looks different but still the same sweet soul who continues to inspire me daily.  Children are amazing (for so many reasons) and of course mine are TOTALLY amazing!! wink LOL but heck it's true!
  • Both of my children are continual reminders that teachers come in different shapes, sizes and ages.  They have taught me to redefine my narrow definition of teacher and shown me the way to many amazing personal insights.  Without them, I shutter to think what kind of person I would be!  Because of this and so much more they inspire me to meet my resolutions to improve as mother and ultimately as a person. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Revised NEW Year Resolution list 2012

One of My  Main Motivations to Keep My 2012 Resolutions
Aaah a Work In Progress ...
- be on time ... No more lateness
- less clutter NO hoarding and fewer piles
- fewer books; leave them at the library
- wake up earlier
- less gluten
- less sugar
- less yelling
- less swearing
- more laughter
- more joy
- continue keeping in touch; regularly
- don't take things tooo personally
- increase creativity
- keep last years resolution alive; increased spontaneity
- walk the dogs more; at least regularly
- count to ten before yelling at my beautiful/wonderful children
After all, who wants to hear their mother yelling unless its an emergency?!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pete the Cat

In an earlier post I mentioned a creative work related idea regarding the picture book character, Pete the Cat. Thought it might help to see a visual of this goofy looking blue cat. Follow the blue hyper link to check out this cat.
Pete the Cat

Is kind of amazing this goofy looking cat became a hit!  Librarians, kids and teachers really like the song that makes the book work and the character more endearing.  The stuffed Pete the Cat that you can actually buy is even better than the picture book illustrations.  If you are really curious or just really bored search u tube for Pete the Cat.  Aaah, the joys of being a children's librarian in a wonderful library! :) I live the life!!!!  Now, if I could only banish working weekends.  LOL

Monday, January 23, 2012

Back to my old self ....

The germ is banished as of Sunday and i have energy and feel like myself again and not a sick slug! Whew, thankfully it only lasted 7 days.

Well today at work I used my creativity to the max! Today is the first full week my boss is in australia for a month and amazingly my creative juices kicked into high gear! I came up with some ideas for rearranging things (chairs, tables, shelving and fiction). I started thinking about these areas long ago based on keen observation of usage patterns, customer comments. So it is not entirely willie nillie and I know Michael gives me the freedom to implement some changes with his full support so on Saturday I felt empowered and enegerized to do what I do best bring all staff into the discussion get their ideas and weave them into mine and viola, magic. It was a joy to see all staff get a twinkle in their eyes and get juiced about talking about the ideas .... Made me realize how complacent we have become under such a wonderful boss ... He does so much that it is easy to relax and enjoy the ride. Now staff are eager to think, vocalize and implement change. It is cool to see in action. Admidtley it is not fun working this all the time (it has a reverse effect after awhile and folks burn out). Been there done that! It is all a delicate balance and being aware of that and so much more is a rare ability. I am just delighted I had the chance to experience it all again ....

Friday, January 20, 2012

Planning for Valentine's Day 2012
Nora and Erin Decorating Heart Sugar Cookies
Thinking about Valentine's Day and how I would like to celebrate.  Last year Erin and I threw a Valentine Party where our guests  could decorate heart sugar cookies and make Valentine's for friends and family.  Everyone had their own labled Valentine bag and we each created and placed a special Valentine for each guest.  It was a wonderful way to show how much we appreciate our good friends and loved ones and spend time with folks we truly enjoy but don't have much time to spend throughout the year.  I am thinking we will do the same and work on some packages for those we love far away.  I love sending creative Valentine goodies to my family and friends.  Brings me great joy!  Last year Melanie brought her most yummy sugar cookies and made the ice upon arrival and the girls (Nora and Erin) got to decorate till their hearts content.

Sarah and Melanie Making Valentines!

Hate Colds!

Erin Ice Skating with Dad @ the Dublin Chiller!!!!
Man oh man, head colds are a major bummer!  Thankfully I am off work today (Friday) and I was able to sleep lots.  Love to see the snow on the ground and the sun out and no additional snow falling.  So pretty to see. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Creative Thursday

Free Stock Photo: Illustration of a mouse rolling in shamrocks.
Due to my germ which has mutated into a nose cold today, I am feeling less then inspired and certainly not creative! I try to have at least one new idea every day. Today my work related idea is to take glacier ridge elementary's Pete the Cat day at Barnes and Noble and create something similar at the Library. A Pete the Cat Saturday stampede at the library or something aptly named.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

    Happy New Year 2012 - Resolutions for the New Year!!
  • Okay so it is half way through the month of January but it at least it is still the first month of the new year! I have had a few New Year's resolutions running through my mind so far I have edited that list at least 10 times. 
  • I find the best resolutions for the year work best when I have the flexibility to adapt and adjust as needed! I did fairly well last year and spontaneity was my main resolution and it worked. Many folks chuckle at the idea of "planned" spontaneity! Hey it worked for me and indeed more fun was had throughout 2011. The resolution to be more spontaneous was a conscious reminder to incorporate more fun and to be less rigid. The reminder seemed to work.

  1. This year i have a new idea to choose one word to work on for the year .... in retrospection that is exactly what I did last year by default .... spontaneity served as my resolution and in the end as a default the word of the year. The idea just emerged as the year progressed kind of like how the Urban Dictionary selects a word of the year, although so far they have not done so for 2012 (odd?!) I first discovered the word of the year in 2004 when they choose w00t! Certainly learned something new that year! :)
  2. So the word of the year for me is ..... drum roll please .....   Creativity! seems so easy but it is not really and i sure do get a lot of joy out of being creative and the end result .... here's an example like how I spontaneously decided to go shopping on Christmas Eve day with the kids and was determined to take Erin to see Santa on a whim of course there was not a line and we had a blast no wait no fuss and the end result was a smashing picture of Erin with the Jolly ole Man.  I then decided to spontaneously buy the pictures whipped out the ole wallet like a flash and gave them the cash for this darling image.
  3. The creativity continues .... Shutterfly lost (go figure) my order of New Year cards and I creatively thought, "hey why not use the Santa pix and instead of ordering Christmas cards edit their card options and make it a New Year's card with the adorable image of Santa?" Viola, the perfect new year greeting with our sense of ironic humor (classic Scully style) and share an amazing image of our precious Erin.  Now if only I could have gotten Jordan to sit on Santa's lap that would have been creativity and spontaneity in one fell swoop... not to mention a miracle! :) Often wonder if our friends and family think we only have one child these days since Jordan is so anti-photo moment.  And he is sooo adorable .... such a shame the world is deprived of his beautiful mug but 15 should pass into a more agreeable 16? ha! Wishful thinking.

End Results of my Creativity & Spontaneity:
In summary the above picture to this blog post (the Julius Monkey party favors) is an example of my recent creativity for Erin's 6th birthday party.  Those are her party favors for guests and I was extremely proud of my ingenuity and end results not to mention I am really into "cute" monkeys these days go figure!  Good thing Erin goes along with my bizarre indulgences (pumpkins, lady bugs, monkeys and of course anything Halloween).
I  took bought tons of cheap after Halloween clearance items that would serve as good party favors ... used clearance PaulFrank Julius Monkey invitations and found the Julius folders (25 cents each) stuffed them with discounted "fall" kid friendly Halloween candy ...candy teeth, eyeballs, jelly bugs) used left over kid friendly sticker sheets, pencils and discounted silly bands and included a Julius spiral notebook also on sale) and viola a perfect party favor for under $2 bucks per kid!!!!  That and I was so satisfied with the end result which reflected our taste perfectly!! Shawn commented wow,those are the party favors?! Sheesh, awful nice.  To which I proudly crowed, thank you and the cost less than $2 bucks each!!!!!