Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Creativity @ Work

Since the boss has been away (down under in Australia for a month) the cat has had fun making changes/improvements within the branch. This fat cat has taken the opportunity to incorporate customer feedback/suggestions and move some stuff around. I was able to get the paperback romances off loaded from four horrible plexiglas towers onto a range of shelving of exisisting genre shelves. This adjustment allowed for two round tables to move into that area w/ a matching oak bookcase flanked by two reading chairs. I then had three long study tables moved into the space formerly occupied by the two circle tables ... Thereby creating an L shaped study zone. Then I moved All the copy reading chairs, magazine and newspaper stands along with a few side tables to the front garden windows creating a "grumpy ole man" reading area. T he idea was to zone/ designate the areas based on usage. Therefore the laptop/business people can sit together without disturbing the "quite" grumpy ole readers needing to read those darn newspapers. Before these changes it was a mumbled jumbled arrangement and no w,older people just sat anywhere resulting in conflicts ... Now based on the seating the areas are zoned by usage! Very cool on my part! It looks and flows so much better. Customers went straight to the areas and many have expressed pleasure with changes. Ha, no design or archetical degree needed to make such improvements. The best part was how I got ALL the staff bought into the idea ... They were all engaged excited, consulted, empowered and everyone of them had a renewed spark in their eyes. Each one of them brought improvements and suggestions that just made my original ideas even better. It was truly a wonderful thing to execute and many times I had to retrain them for their enthusiasm to take action was so intense. We proved together we can do anything. I will post some pictures next ... So we have a visual. So over the past three weeks I have expended a lot of creative energy within the realm of my work environment. Living my new year resolution to the max!

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Big Bad Boss

Boss Mustang 2012
I never considered myself a "muscle car" kind of girl but once I sat in the new boss I was impressed.  Maybe it was the leather Recaro Ferrari made seats hugging my butt that sucked me in hook line an sinker!  The funny thing is I got over the car but not the color!  Since sitting in the bright burnt orange beast, I was hooked on that retro orange color.  Who knew a color could inspire so much creativity? Shortly thereafter, I found myself drawn to orange items in the store. I found a fabulous Ikea lamp, trash can and even 4 desk legs in the amazing organe.  It gives a certain pop of color and brightens anything dull.  Of course I have not gone too crazy; certainly no orange walls.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Groundhogs & Grandpas

Groundhog Day 2/2/2012
Once upon a time, I had a thing for groundhogs.  I found them cute in some chubby rodent sort of way.  Of course I never saw one growing up in FL and when I encountered them in NC they charmed me.  Now that I live in Ohio and the rodents ruined my backyard shed and drove my husband looney, I no longer have an affection for groundhogs and now view them as fat, menacing pests.  Yesterday being Groundhog day, always reminds me of my beloved grandfather, whom was born on Groundhog day.  I think of him for more often than just this one day of the year .... he is in my thoughts often.  My grandfather was such an enormous role model for me and served many roles in my life far surpassing mere ole grandpa status.  It is no surprise that I grew up and married a man very similar to my grandfather.  All the same characterstics are shared; intelligence, sarcastic whit, loyalty, affection, deep emotion, a sense of superiority and innate confidence, respect for tradition.  I regret that my grandfather did not get a chance to know my children; especially Jordan who is very similar to his great grandfather.  Great joy would be had by all if they were able to meet.  I am reminded of this special man when I talk to Jordan and marvel at the wonders of genetics.