Monday, February 6, 2012

The Big Bad Boss

Boss Mustang 2012
I never considered myself a "muscle car" kind of girl but once I sat in the new boss I was impressed.  Maybe it was the leather Recaro Ferrari made seats hugging my butt that sucked me in hook line an sinker!  The funny thing is I got over the car but not the color!  Since sitting in the bright burnt orange beast, I was hooked on that retro orange color.  Who knew a color could inspire so much creativity? Shortly thereafter, I found myself drawn to orange items in the store. I found a fabulous Ikea lamp, trash can and even 4 desk legs in the amazing organe.  It gives a certain pop of color and brightens anything dull.  Of course I have not gone too crazy; certainly no orange walls.


  1. Hope you are enjoying that orange vintage vase of Grama's!

  2. Yeah, forgot about that one! Actually it is probably the original inspiration for my recent obsession with the color.