Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Erin’s New Big Bed!

She is so excited to have Jordan’s twin bed made esp for him by Grandpa Scully.  It just fits in Erin’s room and she is thrilled to have it and has been sleeping like a log!


Top of the Morning to Miss Erin! Ready for St Patrick’s Day!



Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Scully style!  Erin is all decked out for her school “green party” to celebrate St Pat’s day.  She got into the spirit of things!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

St Patricks's Day Parade

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

And another …

A picture is priceless!  This might work as a Halloween costume?!

sundaysnowfeb7 024

Jordan as Lady Liberty?

Don’t Ask?!  What a creative and silly boy.  These lady liberty hats were given out by a tax prep person as a promo. I brought them home for the kids to play dress up and so they did!

sundaysnowfeb7 023007

Comb over Santa?

Erin gives Santa a combing and some grooming!




Santa Sprout

 This “egghead” was the most fun we had this winter!  I picked these up as stocking stuffers at World Market and we had a blast watching it grow.  Jordan gave our Santa egghead a Mohawk hairdo.  Throughout Dec, Jan, Feb we gave Santa at least 6 haircuts.  Erin had fun combing his hair (literally).  I got to remember to get one for next winter!  Great fun for all.

feb15 008

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Blogging Boy

One snowy day, Jordan comes home from school and starts his own blog (inside the skull).  Our new laptop makes blogging impossibly easy.

Jordan’s blog is a hoot and worth a look! 

feb4snow2010 004

Puzzle Time!

Daddy and Erin spent a snow day putting together an impossible little puzzle purchased from the $ store.  What did I expect for a buck?

At least all the pieces were there!  This is a Lion King puzzle with Erin’s favorite lion from the movie, Scar.  Funny all those years ago, Shawn and I saw Lion King in the movie theatre and even back then Scar was our favorite character.  The actor’s voice is also one of our favorites.  Genetics is a powerful thing!

Erin’s favorite animals at zoo are the lions.  She says, “let’s go see the daddy lion.”  She prefers the big fellow to females.  Our zoo has ample females (much to his delight) and there are now 3 lion cubs.  One snowy Friday Erin and I got to watch them play in the snow!  They liked stalking Erin from the fence.


Erin’s Tower POWER



Erin was so proud of herself after making this tower in her room.  Lately she is really into puzzles and stacking blocks.  We had fun building this tall tower!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Daycare Daily Reflections

I am posting a summary of a few of Erin's recent "Daily Reflections" from daycare below. A daily reflection is when her teachers ask each child the question of the day. They record exactly what each child says. It is a hoot to read them and we often do it at dinner time which delights Erin. We are also teaching her to listen closely to a question for some of her answers indicate she is not listening to the question or does not understand the question. Lately her vocabulary has increased rapidly. She is using bigger words, correctly for example "Mommy let's have a celebration now." Erin equivalent of let's eat some candy esp chocolate! A girl after my own heart!

Our Living Room View


feb15 007

For the majority of Feb, this has been the view from all our windows!  Who needs fake icicles as decoration?  We have had the real thing since late January.  Although they don’t light up like the fake ones! :)  Seriously we had one icicle that almost touched the ground but Friday it hit 35 and it crashed before touchdown!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Scully Valentines



Scullys share love and joy!  Images from our Valentine prep (cards, goodie bags, heart shaped cookies and artwork) and our shared gifts and cards. Sorry to say most of my chocolate box is empty!

Monday, February 15, 2010

How Scully Men Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Nothing says, love like a firearm!

feb15 001

Shawn & Jordan went to the shooting range on Feb14.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Special Delivery!

 feb142010 007

Ready set GO!  Chewy & Erin are heading out to deliver our Valentine’s to neighbors and friends.  It has become an annual tradition to hand deliver special treats on special occasions (mother’s day, Christmas, Easter etc) to Dan & Pat(right next door) Milley and Nic (on the other side) and David across the street.  We deliver to Grace Ann and Frank when they are home.  Currently while we battle snow Frank is in Fl on the boat!  It was a stressful walk to deliver today for the snow was piled high along the sides of the street.  Only 2 walkways to front doors were clear and only one family was home!  Thank goodness for Erin’s super duper Ladybug snow boots!  She was a real sport and enjoyed stomping in the snow.

I guess when the weather is bad, one needs to call ahead and make an appointment to drop off Valentines!  Erin wanted to ride her bike for delivery but with the snow a NO GO!  Chewy was anxious to walk ahead for his winter weather walks have been far and few in between.  No, we did not make him wear the heart necklace outside!  A dog has dignity and so do we!

While shopping for Valentine candy (Anthony Thomas Candy  factory is based in Dublin/Hillard OH) Erin asked to buy something for Keenan and Devon.  She is extremely thoughtful & encourage this quality  at every opportunity.  So she picked out 2 heart shaped boxes of Whitman’s chocolates a Snoopy one for Keenan and football for Devon. She has been making handmade valenintes for weeks!  Using die cut pink & read construction hearts, paper lace doilies, tons of stickers and countless heart stickers.  She made some real beauties! I was proud of her and the amount of time she spent on each one.  It really kept her busy and happy!  A fun sight to see!!  She is still struggling to write her name.  She can but does not WANT to do so! She has the letter “e” down but only does the capital letter. At this point she sternly refuses to acknowledge a lowercase “e” as an E.  Go figure?!

My favorite Valentine is the bridge … made of glued popsicle sticks!  This was her own idea … she took a glue gun and stuck each stick in a row and declared it a bridge and by gosh it is!  I will take a Kodak and post it soon.

Until then happy hearts day to all and may you each know how special you are to our family!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Erin & Chewy sharing a bit of PUPPY LOVE! 

feb142010 006


feb142010 004

Erin loves chocolate as she takes a bite out of Mommy’s Valentine box!  Shawn surprised me with a box of chocolate and funny Valentine card that relates!   We are a family that enjoys humorous cards.

feb142010 003

Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Weeping Pussywillow, weeping for Spring!

 blueguitar 006

This little guy has held up to some serious winds, ice and snow!  Not to mention the dreaded, Japanese beetles!!  Ugh!  How I hate those things!  This tree was a gift from Sharon and Ed and I still remember walking around one of my favorite nursery with Shawn, Jordan and little Erin (at the time she was little) and together we picked out this beauty.  It brings great joy when I look out my kitchen window and see it!

What an icicle!


blueguitar 005

Jordan and I were joking  after Friday’s movie night  (Jordan took me to see it on opening night and treated me to popcorn. My lucky night) The Lightening Thief  that this icicle would make a good lightening bolt!  The funny thing is this is not the largest icicle of the year.  We had one even longer right in front of our kitchen window.  Although it is pretty, I some times feel like I am living in the ice age.  Especially  today for it did not get out of the 20’s.  Erin sees these and says with great excitement, “Mom, dad look at the ice cubes.”  I think now she will remember icicle although ice cubes is way funnier!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


All this snow this weekend and our snowman was still short! At least we got to use the snowman kit I bought 2 years ago … took awhile!  sundaysnowfeb7 022sundaysnowfeb7 017

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Snow Day!

After the snow started early Friday morning (my day off) I was really hoping for a snow day from work today.  I got my wish!  The library does not close often due to weather but when it does what a special treat.  Erin, Chewy and I went out to help Jordan clear the drive way (again!) while we were out the snow play began.  David from across the street (in the background behind Jordan) walked over to play with Erin and Chewy.  After several snowballs and Chewy back flips we started to clear a path for Grace Ann’s car.  Then we started on Dan and Pat’s drive.  No 80 year old should have to use a snow shovel!  Needless to say with 9 inches of snow, we created quite a pile.  David placed Erin on top of the pile and of course Jordan and Chewy joined in the fun.  A great day!  Plus it feels good to help others and a bag of yummy cookies from Grace Ann is a plus.kingsofthehill assent


Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow Day 2/5/2010

It is a snowy Friday so snowy that Dublin City Schools dismissed early! Jordan was home by 1:00 today. The snow started around 10 in the am and has not yet stopped. It is a beautiful fluffy light snow ...excellent for snowmen and skiing. Erin started on a snowman while I cleared the driveway for Shawn. It was too cool to see a schoolbus drive by slowly and a firetruck ... there was a call at the end of our street (false alarm) but as the firetruck passed Erin waved & they honked their horn. Jordan and Kman are currently out trying to make a buck shoveling driveways of our neighbors. Let's hope I have a snow day from work tomorrow (sat)!

Erin’s Book Floor RUG


janfeb2010 003

Erin did this on her own.  She used a combo of her books and library books (sorry CML)!  She covered her entire floor. This librarian cringed just a bit when she started leap froging from book to book. I am pleased to say no books were harmed in the process.

Erin Camping out in her room!


janfeb2010 002

Erin pulled out her kid sized sleeping bag and set it up on her floor.  She was quite proud of herself!  I am loving this new found independence.  Go Erin, go!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


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This picture was one our family photo shoots (Jordan calls them propaganda pictures) Not far from the truth .... we were taking pix for our annual Valentine Card for family and friends this year. Trying to stay in touch with those we love! One of my new year's resolutions for 2010. This resolution was reaffirmed by a recent novel I finished for my online bookclub, The Guernsey Literary Potato Peel Pie Society