Sunday, February 14, 2010

Special Delivery!

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Ready set GO!  Chewy & Erin are heading out to deliver our Valentine’s to neighbors and friends.  It has become an annual tradition to hand deliver special treats on special occasions (mother’s day, Christmas, Easter etc) to Dan & Pat(right next door) Milley and Nic (on the other side) and David across the street.  We deliver to Grace Ann and Frank when they are home.  Currently while we battle snow Frank is in Fl on the boat!  It was a stressful walk to deliver today for the snow was piled high along the sides of the street.  Only 2 walkways to front doors were clear and only one family was home!  Thank goodness for Erin’s super duper Ladybug snow boots!  She was a real sport and enjoyed stomping in the snow.

I guess when the weather is bad, one needs to call ahead and make an appointment to drop off Valentines!  Erin wanted to ride her bike for delivery but with the snow a NO GO!  Chewy was anxious to walk ahead for his winter weather walks have been far and few in between.  No, we did not make him wear the heart necklace outside!  A dog has dignity and so do we!

While shopping for Valentine candy (Anthony Thomas Candy  factory is based in Dublin/Hillard OH) Erin asked to buy something for Keenan and Devon.  She is extremely thoughtful & encourage this quality  at every opportunity.  So she picked out 2 heart shaped boxes of Whitman’s chocolates a Snoopy one for Keenan and football for Devon. She has been making handmade valenintes for weeks!  Using die cut pink & read construction hearts, paper lace doilies, tons of stickers and countless heart stickers.  She made some real beauties! I was proud of her and the amount of time she spent on each one.  It really kept her busy and happy!  A fun sight to see!!  She is still struggling to write her name.  She can but does not WANT to do so! She has the letter “e” down but only does the capital letter. At this point she sternly refuses to acknowledge a lowercase “e” as an E.  Go figure?!

My favorite Valentine is the bridge … made of glued popsicle sticks!  This was her own idea … she took a glue gun and stuck each stick in a row and declared it a bridge and by gosh it is!  I will take a Kodak and post it soon.

Until then happy hearts day to all and may you each know how special you are to our family!

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