Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Snow Day!

After the snow started early Friday morning (my day off) I was really hoping for a snow day from work today.  I got my wish!  The library does not close often due to weather but when it does what a special treat.  Erin, Chewy and I went out to help Jordan clear the drive way (again!) while we were out the snow play began.  David from across the street (in the background behind Jordan) walked over to play with Erin and Chewy.  After several snowballs and Chewy back flips we started to clear a path for Grace Ann’s car.  Then we started on Dan and Pat’s drive.  No 80 year old should have to use a snow shovel!  Needless to say with 9 inches of snow, we created quite a pile.  David placed Erin on top of the pile and of course Jordan and Chewy joined in the fun.  A great day!  Plus it feels good to help others and a bag of yummy cookies from Grace Ann is a plus.kingsofthehill assent


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