Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Puzzle Time!

Daddy and Erin spent a snow day putting together an impossible little puzzle purchased from the $ store.  What did I expect for a buck?

At least all the pieces were there!  This is a Lion King puzzle with Erin’s favorite lion from the movie, Scar.  Funny all those years ago, Shawn and I saw Lion King in the movie theatre and even back then Scar was our favorite character.  The actor’s voice is also one of our favorites.  Genetics is a powerful thing!

Erin’s favorite animals at zoo are the lions.  She says, “let’s go see the daddy lion.”  She prefers the big fellow to females.  Our zoo has ample females (much to his delight) and there are now 3 lion cubs.  One snowy Friday Erin and I got to watch them play in the snow!  They liked stalking Erin from the fence.


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