Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Revised NEW Year Resolution list 2012

One of My  Main Motivations to Keep My 2012 Resolutions
Aaah a Work In Progress ...
- be on time ... No more lateness
- less clutter NO hoarding and fewer piles
- fewer books; leave them at the library
- wake up earlier
- less gluten
- less sugar
- less yelling
- less swearing
- more laughter
- more joy
- continue keeping in touch; regularly
- don't take things tooo personally
- increase creativity
- keep last years resolution alive; increased spontaneity
- walk the dogs more; at least regularly
- count to ten before yelling at my beautiful/wonderful children
After all, who wants to hear their mother yelling unless its an emergency?!


  1. So are the crossed out ones rejected for this year?

  2. The cross outs are intended to indicate a "work in progress" still things I need to work on but having a bit of struggle .... Just being honest with myself and acknowledging there is always room for improvement. Also being a visual person the cross outs work for me kind of a visual reminder of things to do. Does that make sense?