Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

    Happy New Year 2012 - Resolutions for the New Year!!
  • Okay so it is half way through the month of January but it at least it is still the first month of the new year! I have had a few New Year's resolutions running through my mind so far I have edited that list at least 10 times. 
  • I find the best resolutions for the year work best when I have the flexibility to adapt and adjust as needed! I did fairly well last year and spontaneity was my main resolution and it worked. Many folks chuckle at the idea of "planned" spontaneity! Hey it worked for me and indeed more fun was had throughout 2011. The resolution to be more spontaneous was a conscious reminder to incorporate more fun and to be less rigid. The reminder seemed to work.

  1. This year i have a new idea to choose one word to work on for the year .... in retrospection that is exactly what I did last year by default .... spontaneity served as my resolution and in the end as a default the word of the year. The idea just emerged as the year progressed kind of like how the Urban Dictionary selects a word of the year, although so far they have not done so for 2012 (odd?!) I first discovered the word of the year in 2004 when they choose w00t! Certainly learned something new that year! :)
  2. So the word of the year for me is ..... drum roll please .....   Creativity! seems so easy but it is not really and i sure do get a lot of joy out of being creative and the end result .... here's an example like how I spontaneously decided to go shopping on Christmas Eve day with the kids and was determined to take Erin to see Santa on a whim of course there was not a line and we had a blast no wait no fuss and the end result was a smashing picture of Erin with the Jolly ole Man.  I then decided to spontaneously buy the pictures whipped out the ole wallet like a flash and gave them the cash for this darling image.
  3. The creativity continues .... Shutterfly lost (go figure) my order of New Year cards and I creatively thought, "hey why not use the Santa pix and instead of ordering Christmas cards edit their card options and make it a New Year's card with the adorable image of Santa?" Viola, the perfect new year greeting with our sense of ironic humor (classic Scully style) and share an amazing image of our precious Erin.  Now if only I could have gotten Jordan to sit on Santa's lap that would have been creativity and spontaneity in one fell swoop... not to mention a miracle! :) Often wonder if our friends and family think we only have one child these days since Jordan is so anti-photo moment.  And he is sooo adorable .... such a shame the world is deprived of his beautiful mug but 15 should pass into a more agreeable 16? ha! Wishful thinking.

End Results of my Creativity & Spontaneity:
In summary the above picture to this blog post (the Julius Monkey party favors) is an example of my recent creativity for Erin's 6th birthday party.  Those are her party favors for guests and I was extremely proud of my ingenuity and end results not to mention I am really into "cute" monkeys these days go figure!  Good thing Erin goes along with my bizarre indulgences (pumpkins, lady bugs, monkeys and of course anything Halloween).
I  took bought tons of cheap after Halloween clearance items that would serve as good party favors ... used clearance PaulFrank Julius Monkey invitations and found the Julius folders (25 cents each) stuffed them with discounted "fall" kid friendly Halloween candy ...candy teeth, eyeballs, jelly bugs) used left over kid friendly sticker sheets, pencils and discounted silly bands and included a Julius spiral notebook also on sale) and viola a perfect party favor for under $2 bucks per kid!!!!  That and I was so satisfied with the end result which reflected our taste perfectly!! Shawn commented wow,those are the party favors?! Sheesh, awful nice.  To which I proudly crowed, thank you and the cost less than $2 bucks each!!!!!  


  1. I'm so proud of the creativity!

  2. I did manage to find this the first time you sent it. Didn't have time then to respond.
    I'm not suprised by your creativity or originality. And you have been successfully planning your spontaneity for years:)
    Is this comment for your eyes only or part of your blog? Now I just have to figure out how to send it? 0 comments,hmmm... maybe I'm not the only one in the dark? What's a profile? Why must I select one? What's wrong with e-mail?
    Love, Mom

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