Friday, January 20, 2012

Planning for Valentine's Day 2012
Nora and Erin Decorating Heart Sugar Cookies
Thinking about Valentine's Day and how I would like to celebrate.  Last year Erin and I threw a Valentine Party where our guests  could decorate heart sugar cookies and make Valentine's for friends and family.  Everyone had their own labled Valentine bag and we each created and placed a special Valentine for each guest.  It was a wonderful way to show how much we appreciate our good friends and loved ones and spend time with folks we truly enjoy but don't have much time to spend throughout the year.  I am thinking we will do the same and work on some packages for those we love far away.  I love sending creative Valentine goodies to my family and friends.  Brings me great joy!  Last year Melanie brought her most yummy sugar cookies and made the ice upon arrival and the girls (Nora and Erin) got to decorate till their hearts content.

Sarah and Melanie Making Valentines!

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