Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sock Monkey Maddness!

Sock Monkey Obsession
I think it all started about 3 years ago when I had to make a reciprocal storytime time kit for SRC (summer reading club). I wanted to create a kit based on a colleagues very fun & popular, Monkey Around with Curious George kit.  It was created by Carol Snowden who was a long time librarian at the Whitehall branch.  A few months after she died due to ovarian cancer, we were required to update summer reading club kits.  I wanted to continue Carol's kit in her honor.  To my horror when I opened the blue kit out popped Sock Monkeys!!!  Since about age 2, I have had a real disgust for these homemade toys.  It is hard to explain why I disliked them so profoundly ... for some reason their appearance creeped me out and made me feel a mixture of embarrassment (for its sheer homeliness) and disgust. Something about them just repulsed me mixed with, "what the hell am I going to do with this thing?!"   I recall a color Brownie camera photo of me dragging a home made sock monkey around the Christmas tree when I was two.  I seem to have vague memories of other exposure to them throughout my childhood.  When Jordan was born  we received a thoughtful homemade baby gift,  a well made sock monkey from a dear friend's mother and I reacted with horror.  I had a strong maternal instinct not expose my newborn to such a thing!!  I recall disposing of the monkey quickly although it was NOT doomed to a trashcan; I am not sure were or how I banished him.  I felt guilty about it then and feel even worse today. The poor dear elderly woman crafted this toy so thoughtfully and I cast it out of my life instantly.  So when I encountered a blue storybin full of the little buggers, I pushed my natural instincts aside and embraced them into my office and now they have taken over my life!!!!!!  No wonder, I was leery of them all those years ago!  Those meddlesome, menacing monkeys!!!  Guess I will have to turn my little dog loose on them, ha!

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